About the Festival

In the development of a partnership that has allowed, in the past, the “Festival of Music in the Palace” and the first edition of the International Piano Festival of Oeiras in 2018, the City Hall of Oeiras and the Academy of Music Flor da Murta will promote the Second International Piano Festival of Oeiras. The Festival will run from June 23 to July 28, 2019 in the Auditorium Ruy de Carvalho in Carnaxide.

The Festival will bring to the Municipality of Oeiras some of the most renowned pianists such as Piotr Anderszewski, Jan Michiels, Grigory Gruzman, Irit Rub and Portuguese, including Jorge Moyano and Teresa da Palma Pereira. The recitals will take place every Sunday from June 23 until July 28.

At the opening of the Festival, a personality will be honored as distinguished in the knowledge, in the creation, interpretation or diffusion of the erudite music, in general, or of the piano repertoire in particular. It is a fair tribute to all those who work to ensure that the right to culture is not a dead letter.

The institutionalization of the Festival aims, therefore, to be the engine of the development of musical events of great level in Oeiras, searching through music to contribute to the quality of life of all the citizens.

As in other years the Festival is accompanied by masterclasses for young pianists and advanced students of Portuguese and foreign schools to be held in the beautiful space of the Palácio da Flor da Murta. The Festival will also have the presence of the Israeli pianist Irit Rub, who runs an educational project with the Israel Philharmonic Orchestra, prestigious orchestra which was conducted by Leonard Bernstein and Zubin Mehta.

The Festival seeks an effect of cultural community empowerment, to convert Oeiras into a Cultural Reference Council and overcome the cultural exclusion that many citizens continue to be subject to, in particular, providing the people of Oeiras with access to great music and great interpreters and calling to Oeiras all who seek quality musical events in Portugal.

The Direction of the Academy of Music Flor da Murta


Jan Michiels

  • 14th July

Irit Rub

  • 21st July

Jorge Moyano

  • 28th July


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