Deadline: Latest applications until June 10
Price 400 euros

Best Interpretation Award

  • A money prize for best interpretation of a piece by a 20th century or 21st century composer will be attributed.

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The payment must be made by bank transfer until the applications deadline for the nib PT5000 3601 06991000635 7274 - Academy of Music Flor de Murta.
About the masterclasses: 2 Classes with each professor (J.M; G.G; T.PP); 1 or 2 classes with Angela Cheng- (7/8 Hours) + FINAL RECITAL
Piano Masterclasses with renowned international pianists for young and advanced students. The students will have the chance to play in solo recitals (each recital for two students). It's necessary to send a musical program with minimum duration of 25 min. For Professor Angela Cheng´s masterclass there will be pre-selection by DVD or you tube video recording.